With a 3D metrological arsenal linked to an extensive know-how of advanced measurement systems applied to steelmaking, the revamp project of number 2 continuous slab casting machine (MLC #2) at Arcelor Mittal Tubarão – Brazil, delivered last year, demonstrated that large structures can be aligned with high precision.

A 100 m long equipment with critical elements, working simultaneously on different floor levels that need to be aligned on a precision scale of thousandth to reach its main objective of producing high performance, quality, and safe cast slabs.

During the revamp, up to 10 measuring instruments were used simultaneously, with five Laser-Trackers dedicated to the MLC #2 renovation project, three Laser-Trackers that continued to serve the factory’s daily and emergency activities, in addition to one Laser Scanner and one Leica TS15 robotic Total Station, totaling approximately BRL 4.4 million in advanced three-dimensional measuring equipment.

In addition to the equipment used in this period, highly qualified professionals dedicated and trained on continuous casting were involved in this project, as well as professionals working in various industry segments who are part of our team for over 13 years collaborated in the job with their expertise and work quality.

Equipe Serra-ES-tecnimexgroup

Serra-ES, Tecnimexgroup Team
After months of working in 24-hour shifts, the machine began a full-scale operation on November 28th, 2019, closing yet another cycle of partnership, know-how and dedication of everyone who contributed to this great work.

This project was proudly carried out by Tecnimex Group for Arcelor Mittal Tubarão in partnership with Danieli and Imetame and can certainly be called a work of art made with a true arsenal and a large task force. Congratulations to everyone involved!

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