Work description

The first company to offer high precision portable three-dimensional laser tracking and photogrammetry measurement services in Brazil for the automotive industry, Tecnimex Group offers its customers surveying services in:

  • Welding templates and fixtures (Car assembly tooling)
  • Robotic painting and sealing lines
  • Manufacturing equipment (presses, injection molding machines, machine tools, etc.)
  • Ancillary handling equipment (cranes and gantries)
  • Automatic shop floor tracing for assembly line positioning
  • Alignment and leveling on production equipment / assembly lines, before and after grouting
  • Laser-scanning for as-built imaging generation of Industrial areas
  • Machines and equipment imaging with laser-scanner for three-dimensional CAD analysis
  • Since its birth in 1999, Tecnimex Group has been following the technological evolution of the market and providing its customers with the most modern and accurate resources available on the world market, as well as its 20 years of know-how in the field of measurement engineering.
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