Work description

The major problems caused by misalignment in a ball mill makes it easy to see the advantages of using three-dimensional measurement. Tecnimex Group offers fast and accurate results in the cement segment for alignment between:

  • Gearbox shafts;
  • Membranes;
  • Coupling shafts;
  • Mill bushings and bearings;
  • Body deformation in mill sections.

In addition, the cost per hour of a down ball mill quickly proves the advantages of using 3D measurement for its alignment, including elements such as rings, support rollers, tapered thrust rollers, pinion shafts and reducer. The largest companies in the industry, all over Brazil, already use our services to improve performance of their production lines.

Another very important service provided by our company in the cement sector, for cost reduction, increased accuracy ​and inventory management is the measurement of available volumes in stockpiles of materials such as clinker, slag, sand, scrap, coke, pellets, among other. Tecnimex Group uses the most advanced technology in the market, with equipment (laser-scanners and drones) and state-of-the-art software, providing high measurement accuracy and safe inventory control for its customers.

We also perform the alignment check of overhead cranes and gantries, their runway path and the measurement of deformation/deflection under load.

Tecnimex Group offers the scanning of indoor environments (as-built/as-is), such as industrial buildings, for identification and correction of interferences like pipes, walls, doors, accesses, etc. and for the generation of virtual environments for development of safety, operation and maintenance training, among others.

Scanning environments to modify or update as-built/as-is layouts in industrial buildings or any other enclosure, providing a high-resolution, editable image.

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