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Work description

In the world of steelmaking, Tecnimex Group every day develops new application possibilities for three-dimensional measurement, thus becoming the largest Brazilian specialist and one of the best in the world in steel production machinery alignment, operating from the scrap yard, going through the coke oven, steel melting shop and even the steel processing such as hot rolling, cold rolling, among others.

Our unique know-how assists customer in achieving the best results with maximum savings in steel production and beneficiation processes, whether for long or flat steel making.

Brazil’s largest steelmakers and the world’s largest steelmaking equipment manufacturers entrust their processes to Tecnimex’ measuring services, both in Brazil and abroad.

Among the various solutions offered to the steel industry, we can highlight:

  • Analysis and monitoring of blast furnace structure deformation
  • EAF (Electric Arc Furnace) measurements and full scanning (internal and external)
  • Body deformation monitoring and shaft end alignment in torpedo cars
  • Torpedo car and car dumper transmission system measurement (bearings and gears)
  • Body deformation analysis of tar tanks
  • Regenerator profile survey
  • Analysis of external and internal ladle deformation
  • Mold Oscillator
  • Spray Chamber – Withdrawal and straightening section
  • Dummy Bar
  • Periodic control of dummy bar profile
  • Cooling bed
  • Walking beam
  • Coil Handler
  • Hot and cold rolling mills
  • Bar Inspection Equipment (X-ray and Ultrasound)
  • Wire rod machine

A pioneer in the use of three-dimensional measurement for continuous casting machine alignment in Brazil, Tecnimex Group is accounted for major revamps and renovations locally and abroad.

  • Real-time inspection and alignment of segment calibration stands
  • Dimensional check of segment calibration template profile
  • Segment alignment with the use of our proprietary Virtual Template Process (accurate, fast, economical and safe)
  • Alignment of rolling mills (Hot, Cold, Reversible and skin pass, etc.) and their peripherals (rollers, bearings, liners, winder, unwinder, oven, inlet guides, etc.)
  • Mill stand field machining process control
  • Coil conveyor


  • Conveyor belts
  • Overhead cranes and gantries
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