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Tecnimex Group

Tecnimex do Brasil and 3D Axis, companies that make up the Tecnimex Group, represent the path continuity of a group of professionals who, in the 90s, stood out when introducing advanced technologies in the field of Metrology and Industrial Topography (3D), namely Laser Tracker, Photogrammetry and In Process Measurement.

In 2001, these professionals pioneered in Brazil for making these technologies available to the Automotive and Aerospace markets, offering services focused on effectiveness, that is, shorter downtime, higher quality and precision.

Technical depth and


After Tecnimex Group establishment in 2009, the market coverage was expanded to include other industrial segments, such as Steel, Mining, Aluminum, Pulp & Paper, Power Generation, Cement, Fertilizers, Shipbuilding, Antennas & Radars, Oil & Gas, among others.

Staying at the forefront, Tecnimex Group has incorporated new technologies (Drone and Laser Scanner), expanding its capacity to offer alternatives and solutions for the different complexities involved with Dimensional Control for its Customers. Today, the combination of accumulated experience, investments in Human Resources and new technologies, makes the Tecnimex Group an effective and reliable partner, making us a reference in our segment.

Our units

Tecnimex Group works for industrial companies of all sizes and segments, either from the technical headquarters in São José dos Campos or from its bases in Vitória, Ipatinga or Ouro Branco.

The availability of state-of-the-art portable equipment allows Tecnimex Group to provide services in any location all around Brazil or abroad.

We are the largest metrology and three-dimensional topography company in Brazil and one of the largest in the world.

Countries served

Worlddwie Presence

Quality policy



Working in the Industrial Metrology sector, Tecnimex’ mission is to create value for shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, and the community, always caring about the environment and the safety of its employees.



Tecnimex’ vision is the permanent search to exceeding customers and stakeholders’ expectations, becoming a reference in Brazil and abroad in its segment.



Quality, Organization, Ethics, Transparency, Teamwork, Solidarity and Dependability.

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