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Aerospace Industry

The use of specific know-how, fast, efficient and accurate measurement technologies allows maintenance workshops to release the aircraft to their customers with the certainty of original factory condition for:

  • geometric alignment between wings,
  • stabilizers,
  • engine,
  • propeller shaft and the fuselage,

Thus, guaranteeing safety and allow the lowest possible fuel consumption. 

O grupo Tecnimex possui know-how próprio, desenvolvido diretamente junto a um dos maiores fabricantes de Tecnimex Group has a proprietary know-how, developed directly with some of the largest aircraft manufacturers in the world and uses the most advanced measuring technologies for symmetry and geometry survey in aircrafts, making the cost of this verification be very quickly diluted by fuel economy and safety.

Security and reliability

In addition, we are specialists in measuring and adjusting the geometry of aeronautical tools for assembly (airplanes and helicopters) and we serve virtually all suppliers in the sector in Brazil and some abroad.

The technologies of laser-tracker, photogrammetry and laser-scanning are high-performance, accurate, fast and extremely portable solutions we have adopted to meet the safety and economy requirements of customers such as Embraer, Brazilian Air Force, Boeing, Airbus, Eurocopter, Synerjet, Digex, M Torres and many other aerospace companies.

Tecnimex’s customers

We are the largest metrology and three-dimensional topography company in Brazil and one of the largest in the world.

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