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Pulp & Paper Industry

The wide range of measurement possibilities in the pulp and paper industry allows for great flexibility during the installation, repair, replacement, modification and maintenance of equipment and its components.

Among the main applications in this sector, we can mention:

In the wood / cellulose areas

  • Non-contact measurement of chip and log stack volume using drone and specific software
  • Alignment measurement on all reclaimer sections and components
  • Complete measurements in the lime kiln
  • Alignment checking and internal measurement in turbines
  • Tank and boiler deformation inspection
  • For pulp dryers: Measurement from inbox alignment to forming table, dewatering, presses, drying rollers and cutter

In the paper area

  • Inbox lip alignment
  • Alignment / leveling of the forming table, vacuum dewatering and press rollers
  • Inspection of felt and felt guides, suction, floating, segmented and curved rollers
  • Alignment of the entire drive assembly (motor / gearbox / shaft / roll)
  • Alignment / leveling / parallelism of drying and guide rollers
  • Measurement of corrugators (craft) and Yankee roll (tissue)
  • Press Alignment, Starch Applicator Units, Calenders, Soft Calenders, Super Calenders
  • Flange parallelism measurement in shafted drive systems
  • Winding machines, rails and jumbo rollers
  • Rewinders, cut-to-size machines, wrappers

We are the largest metrology and three-dimensional topography company in Brazil and one of the largest in the world.

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