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Power Generation

Poorly aligned shafts, overloaded couplings, mispositioned generators, flanges without the necessary flatness, are reasons for increased defect occurrence and cause of long downtime, generating unnecessary costs and low operational efficiency.

A world pioneer in the use of laser-trackers for the wind power components industry, Tecnimex offers its customers 20 years of experience in the three-dimensional measurement of power generation components and ensures accurate data, clear information and the possibility of real time adjustment of the equipment being measured. We also provide alignment check of gantries and cranes, their running paths and the deformation measurement under load.

Tecnimex Group offers the scanning of indoor environments (as-built/as-is), such as industrial buildings, for identification and correction of interferences like pipes, walls, doors, accesses, etc. and for the generation of virtual environments for development of safety, operation and maintenance training, among others.

We are the largest metrology and three-dimensional topography company in Brazil and one of the largest in the world.

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