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The know-how and technological resources available to Tecnimex Group customers make us the only ones in the Brazilian market to offer not only the measurement of machine tool geometry of linear vertical and horizontal axis, but also of pendular and rotary axis. The clarity and simplicity of our dimensional report make it easy to interpret the deviations and problems found, facilitating and speeding up their correction. Machine tools of all sizes, from a Swiss model for the machining of micro parts to machining centers with 18 – 20 m (59 – 66 ft) busbar and 5 – 8 m (16 – 26 ft) high can be measured with extremely high precision. Large, vertical and horizontal rotary tables can be measured with precision of positioning to the millionth of a degree (thousandths of an arcsecond).

Contact us to find out everything we can offer to improve performance and productivity of your machine shop. We also provide the alignment check of overhead cranes, their running path and the dimensional survey under load.

We are the largest metrology and three-dimensional topography company in Brazil and one of the largest in the world.

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